The Plantar Fasciitis Plan
Published: 2016
Page Count: 260
Edition: 1st
ISBN13: 978-1619615182

The burning. The sore heel. The pain of those first morning steps. When you suffer from plantar fasciitis, even the simplest tasks can seem unbearable — and the care you receive as a PF patient can feel just as frustrating. Don’t step into another PF appointment without the information you need. Take charge of your care with The Plantar Fasciitis Plan.

Dr. Colin Dombroski has worked with thousands of plantar fasciitis patients. In The Plantar Fasciitis Plan, you’ll learn what to expect at each stage along the way so you can become more engaged as a patient, knowing your full range of options. You’ll also discover the many causes of plantar fasciitis so you can make the best footwear choices for your own situation, both at work and at home.

Most importantly, learn how to stay active with PF so you don’t have to spend your life sitting on the sidelines. Stop compromising your physical and mental health — and your wallet — making uninformed choices. Pick up The Plantar Fasciitis Plan and take control of your own PF plan today.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to order your book to see if it could help the plantar fasciitis I’d been contending with for over a year. Your specific suggestions have helped SO much. Your book did what my primary care physician, ankle and foot specialists, and months of physical therapy did not and I am so grateful to return to running, hiking, walking, and, really, just normal living as an active biped. 🙂 Thank you again for your fantastic book!All the best,”– Alexis”Plantar fasciitis can be a ‘real pain’ for both patients and medical professionals. This book does a great job of helping both patients and medical professionals not only understand plantar fasciitis but also manage both acute and chronic cases. Dr. Colin Dombroski has done a great job with debunking myths and structuring the book into an easy-to-use tool. I would definitely recommend it.”
— Dr. Tatiana Jevremovic, MD, CCFP(EM), Dip Sport Med, Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician

“I have referred innumerable difficult-to-treat patients to Colin with lasting success. This book reinforces why I continue to do so. His stepwise and measured approach is easy to understand and based on solid principles. A great resource.”
— Dr. Frank Shin, MD, CCFP, Dip Sport Med, Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician

“I am pain free because of Colin’s wisdom. Buy this book and get your life back.”
— Louise Karch, MEd, AMC, CMP, Author, International Educator, Accredited Master Coach, Award-Winning Consultant

“Colin focuses on the problem and the specific ‘pain’ points that many of us go through. This drew me in to hear more about what I can do to solve it. The book was very easy to read and follow, and the exercises are easy to understand and to do. I’d recommend the Plantar Fasciitis Plan to anyone suffering heel pain.”
— Nick DiNardo

“As an avid golfer and runner of half marathons, when a return bout of plantar fasciitis occurred, I was sidelined from enjoying both these sports. I was referred to Colin and was informed straight up that it would take some time to heal my painful situation, but with proper exercise and custom orthotics, Colin was confident he would get me back to golf and running. He was right! It took about eight months, but I am now back to walking eighteen holes of golf (four to five times per week) and currently in the early stages of getting back into running. I am now pain free from plantar fasciitis and I cannot thank Colin enough for his advise and expertise.”
— Robert Neill

Plantar fasciitis has really limited my ability to function effectively in sport and slowed down my everyday walking activities due to heel pain. This particular book does an incredible job of being equally accessible to all audiences in terms of breaking down the fundamental understanding of plantar fasciitis. Whether its acute or chronic, minor or severe pain, the chapters really break down the process of getting you back to having ‘happy feet.’ In all honesty, if you have been diagnosed with even acute plantar fasciitis, you should get this book. Take the preventative approach and educate yourself before you regret it, because it can be a very long and depressive road to recovery. Colin’s book will ensure that you have the wisdom needed to do so.”
— Rick Melo, General Manager, LA Fitness International

“The pain I experienced from plantar fasciitis restricted me from the thing I enjoy most in life: playing with my dog. I was unable to walk or run without intense pain. Colin’s book was insightful and helped me understand the why and how so I could help myself. I cannot thank Colin and his team enough for giving me back my mobility.”
— Christine Rowe