Art & Science of Foot Care
Published: 2020
Page Count: 288
Edition: 1st
ISBN13: 978-1525577697

This textbook provides the information needed to begin a career in nursing foot care in Canada, and is a valuable resource for students as well as new and established foot care nurses, health care professionals and administrators. This peer-reviewed, multi-authored textbook was developed through the collaboration of many experienced foot care professionals and is based, in part, from an earlier textbook: Nursing Foot Care Management, which has had five editions since it was first published in 2003, and which as been sold across Canada and the United States to individuals and to educational, regulatory, governmental, and private health care professionals.

About the Author
Cindy Lazenby, lead author, has an extensive history of providing nursing foot care education and advocating for improvements in nursing foot care in Canada. As owner, director, and educator of Foot Canada Training, Cindy and her associates have trained over 3500 nurses across Canada since 1993. Community colleges, universities, governmental departments, and organizations from across Canada have sought out her expertise to design and deliver customized foot care programs. Cindy’s passion for education has been driven by her goal to advance nursing foot care in Canada: Cindy helped to form, and became the first chair of, the CAFCN (Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses), which has been working to standardize best practices across the nation. This textbook is a culmination of her experience and drive to bring informed, effective, and consistent practices to nursing foot care in Canada.