Sever’s Disease

This is a common problem of the heel bone in growing children. It is not really a disease and should not really be named after Dr Sever as there is a trend away from naming conditions after people, so the term calcaneal apophysitis should be the preferred term, however the term ‘Sever’s’ is much more widely used in the search engines.

The team at PodChatLive did a deep dive into Sever’s disease in one of their episodes and it is well worth a watch:

Severs disease is sometime difficult to manage due to a high level of a lack of compliance with the kids to advice to cut back on activity levels. Load management, lifestyle changes and education about expectations are key to managing this condition so getting the compliance of the child really is important. A cushioned heel pad is also often used to help protect the heel.

The natural history of Severs disease is to get better on its own if the loads are management and normal growth is allowed to occur. All cases are gone by the mid-teenage years. What this means is that the best strategy is to manage the loads and the pain and wait for it to heel up.

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