Psoriasis: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Psoriasis: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Editor: Julian A. Carrasco

Type: Hardback
Date of Publication: 01 February 2012
Pages: 253

From the Publisher:

This book presents current research in the causes, diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis. Topics discussed include furocoumarins used in radiation therapy to treat psoriasis; comorbidities of psoriasis and the risk factors for cardiovascular disease; pharmacological management of psoriasis; nitric oxide syntases and its physiological functions in healthy skin and the vegetarian diet in relation to psoriasis.

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Preface; Molecular Basis of the Phototherapy of Furocoumarins: A Theoretical Study; Psoriasis: Causes, Treatments & Pathological Models; Psoriasis: Clinical Features, Diagnosis & Treatment Srategies; Proteinase Regulators of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Trafficking & Function in Psoriasis; Psoriasis Comorbidities & the Incidence of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Events in Psoriasis; Role of Nitric Oxide Synthesis in Psoriasis; Pathogenesis of Psoriasis: An Update; Psoriasis & Vegetarian Diets: A Role for Cortisol & Potassium?; Comorbidities in Psoriasis; Novel Platform Therapies for Topical Application in Effective Management of Psoriasis; Psoriasis & Cardiovascular Disease; Lymphocyte Migration into Skin; TNF Blockers in the Treatment of Psoriasis; Psoriasis: Molecular Etiology & Genetic Linkage; Index.

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