Chilblains really are a relatively common problem if the weather is cooler. These are a painful and itchy reaction of the smaller arteries in the toes to the changes in temperature. They lead to a painful red patch, that later becomes a dark blue color should they become chronic. They have lately been receiving some extra coverage from the mass media because of them being more common in individuals infected with the coronovirus, getting the label, COVID toes.

Chilblains are a seasonal problem and appear in all places in which the environment will get cold enough to result in the reaction in the skin. An episode of PodChatLive had a comprehensive discussion of the condition of chilblains:

The simplest way to deal with chilblains is to prevent these by keeping the feet warm. If a chilblain does occur then it needs to be kept warm and be protected to stop the skin from breaking down. There are several chilblain creams which can be used to help to promote the blood flow.

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