100 Up Running Drill

The 100 Up Running drill is a rill that was recently rediscovered to help runners improve their running technique. This eBook covers the technique in detail and how to carry it out:

From the Publisher:

The ‘100-Up’ Exercise was devised in the nineteenth century by runner and athlete, Walter G George. The technique had become almost forgotten, until a New York Times article by Christopher McDougall revived interest in the exercise amongst twenty first century runners eager to improve their performance.

This short eBook takes a fresh look at how the ‘100-Up’ method began and includes full instructions on how you can implement the exercise yourself.

The beauty of the ‘100-Up’ Exercise is that it can be used by almost anyone to develop fitness and stamina. For serious runners, it’s a way to improve technique, but the ‘100-Up’ method can also be used by non-athletes. Best of all, it’s an exercise you can do indoors or outdoors, at home or at work… in fact, almost anywhere.

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